Photo Gallery of my research trip to London, June 2006
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The Rosetta Stone
The Houses of parliament
Queen Anne at St. Pauls
 Hampton Gardens
Hampton Gardens
National Maritime Museum
Chaz on the Stuart throne
Salisbury Cathedral
Chaz and Jay at
Buckingham Palace
The Cutty Sark, Greenwich
Hampton court from the river T
The Salisbury Plain
Tower Bridge
With Janet at Old Sarum
Chaz and Jay at the Tower
at the "Bloody" Tower
Willesden Green Tube Station
The Abbey Road
Is he real?
On Fleet Street, across
from Prince Henry's House
In Dr. Johnson's garden
The White Tower
Chaz and Janet on the train to
Big Ben
Salisbury Cloisters
at the British Library
King Tut at Harrods
Ceiling of Banquet House,
Whitehall Palace
Chaz and Janet at the Tate
Chaz and T-Bone
at Piccadilly
Jay and Chaz at the Temple
Having tapas with Ian, Jeremy,
Jay, and T-Bone
Jay and T-Bone
at Piccadilly
Dinner in Richmond with Laua Tabili,
and Siobban and Michael Hearn
The Tower from the
River Thames
on a double-decker in Greenwich
hangin' with the sphinx
The Elgin marbles
St. Martins in the Fields
Jay at the Embankment
strolling through Salisbury
chillin' in Greenwich
Old Sarum
Vauxhall Bridge
Jay getting close and
personal with classical