The Queen Elizabeth I Society
meets annually in the Spring in
conjunction with the South Central
Renaissance Conference.  We are the most
enjoyable conference in the continental
U.S. - join us in Omaha in 2013!  This past
year we met in New Orleans, for an
especially festive meeting- as usual, the
highlight was the auction of highly prized
Elizabethan commodities , which fetched
a whopping $800 for the Queen's coffers.  
Thanks to Arlen Nydam for his
spectacular photos (the rest, alas, are
mine!) Arise, Sir Arlen
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Debra Barrett-Graves &
Brandie Siegfried
Erica Gruenewald, Sir Kyle
Vitale, & Elizabeth Downs
Marguerite Tassi, 2012
plenary speaker
Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Martin
Arlen Nydam, photographer
with Renee Bricker, Sarah Kelley,
& Miranda Wilson
Renee Bricker, 2012
Mistress of the Revels
Marguerite Tassi, Carole Levin,
& Bernadette Andrea
Carole Levin & Claire Jowitt,
2012 Louis Martz lecturer
Bernadette Andrea,
2012 plenary speaker
Carole Levin & Catherine Loomis
Renee Bricker, Catherine Campbell
& Brandie Siegfried
with Sarah Duncan
Susan Kendrick, Catherine Howey Stearn,
Susan Dunn Hensley, 2012 Strickland
prize winner,  & Grant Moss
working the crowd!
Marguerite Tassi, Renee Bricker,
Sarah Duncan, & Claire Jowitt
Who is that masked man?
Don Stump & Debra Barrett- Graves
Barbara Brumbaugh & Tim
Moylan, 2012 Strickland
Prize Winner!
in the service of the queen!
Renaissance Dancing!
let the auction begin!
our festive mistress of the revels!
Sean Benson sampling the
hors d'ouvres
Claire Jowitt, delivering
her lecture
Catherine Howey Stearn, Margaret
Oakes, Catherine Medici-Thiemann,
Daniel Ellis, & Erica Gruenewald
a couple of happy campers!
Ken Kurihara
coffee and beignets at
Cafe du Monde
Sabine Modersheim
raising the stakes!
the dancing teacher
voted cutest couple!
Carole getting her fortune read
the fortune teller
Ilona Bell & Tim Moylan
Miranda Wilson & Catherine
Howey Stearn
the end of a fabulous auction!
with Margaret Oakes, Kyle Vitale,
& Elizabeth Downs
a pair of SCRC party boys!
Don Stump, Ilona Bell, & Carole
Levin, window shopping!
the auctioneers- having
a really good time!
a lighter moment with Kyle Vitale,
Brandie Siegfried, & Daniel Ellis
Carole Levin & Debra
Barrett-Graves, after delivering
their fabulous papers!
a smattering of
Elizabethan commodities